14-01-2010 78.5kg

This morning my weight was back to 78.5 kg. Maybe I should not weigh myself everyday to avoid confusion over these variations.

One of my new diet book has arrived today. It is called “Brigitte: Ideal Diät” and contains three two-week diet plans. One for so-called beginners (which means those who are lazy in the kitchen) one for vegetarians (called green diet) and one that focusses on a great food variety and many extra recipes. Additionally it contains lots of information on diets and nutrition and psychological factors, why diets can fail. I have only had a quick look but so far it looks good. I might write a more informed review once I have cooked some recipes from it and had a proper read.

This morning my boyfriend and I shared half a litre healthy living ready-soup with 400kcal in total. “Lentil and Bacon”. It was quite tasty, filling and quick and easy to prepare. At work we had a whole-meal bread sandwich with Quark and cooked ham and lots of oranges and apples.

Then, this evening, I cooked a recipe from the old Brigitte book: Baked Apples. It was absolutely scrumptuous!

Baked Apples (200kcal)

The apples were filled with one teaspoon of hacked hazelnuts, raisins and rum each and then baked for about an hour at 200°C covered with kitchen foil. Then they were served with a mixture of 3 teaspoons of creme fraiche per apple, sweetener and vanilla essence. It was heavenly!


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