13-01-2010 80kg WTF!?

This morning I weighed myself and apparently I am back where I started. Strange. I guess some fluctuations in weight are normal. Bt this seems slightly crass…

Anyway, I had a nice breakfast with plums, a little muesli and low-fat yoghurt and took two buns with Quark and cooked ham with me to work. I later found out that one of these buns already contains 250 kcal! That meant that I could not allow myself any snacks today. It is hard to get used to all these calorie values. Foods that I always considered very healthy (like muesli for example) turn out to be quite calorie-y. I guess those two are not mutually exclusive but I always associated one with the other.

In the evening then we had a wonderful dinner from the Brigitte recipe book: Rice with egg and mushrooms. Mhh!


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