12.01.2010 78.5kg

This morning my scales offered me a strange but not unwelcome surprise. I had lost another kilogram since yesterday (despite the chocolate). The means that in the two days I had been dieting I had reduced my BMI by 0.5! While I know that this pace won’t continue for long it is a great motivation.

Today we had to be in late at work. This meant that my boyfriend and I had time to prepare a cooked breakfast and lunchboxes for later. I was amazed to see how much breakfast I could have for 200kcal compared to my meager müsli breakfasts before. And so delicious!

Ham and Tomato Egg Breakfast (200kcal)

We fried some cooked ham in very little margarine (tastes almost like bacon) and added tomato slices. Then we mixed one egg (plus two for him) with some cut chives and poured it in the pan with the tomatos and the ham. When it was done we had it on one slice of seeded bread (and two – again – for him). Myum!

With us to work we to seeded bread sandwiches filled with wild rocket salad a selfmade “Paprikaquark” which is cottage cheese with salt and paprika and some pepper cubes.

To make up for all this cuisinal exertion we treated us to a microwaved “healthy living” Chicken Korma ready-meal with 395kcal each. In between again I had milk in my coffee and lots of fruits.

I am in an excellent mood right now and very happy with my diet. Apart from a slight hunger I feel much better eating healthy food. Only excercise I haven’t tried yet. I plan to do so on Thursday….


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