11.01.2010 79.5kg

Ui, already 0.5 kg less on the scales this morning. I am sure however that I just lost some water or something. Anyway, I felt great. I had my sparse little breakfast (the tiny bowl of muesli with yoghurt this time) and prepared some honey buns for work. One for myself and two for the Liebling. I also took an apple and an orange for my little hungers inbetween.

These little hungers turned out to be not so very little after all. I really need to take some more calories-free food with me. Maybe celery-sticks. Yummy…

At work I kept thinking about eating and food and that is probably the reason why I ordered two new recipe books from amazon (Diet ones of course)

Then we went shopping at a large Sainsbury‘s which was great because they had all the strange requests my Brigitte book makes (like fresh chives and shiitake mushrooms). They even have Quark — a German cottage cheese and essential to many of the recipes — which, alas, is in Britain a rarity.

Dinner today was: Filled peppers. The sauce was great and the peppers were delicious but the filling was far to onion-y. Bah! Next time less of those or pre-cooking or something.

And lastly I allowed myself 1.5 pieces of marzipan-creme filled chocolate (50kcal) this evening. Mhhh! Delicious sin!


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