10.01.2010 80kg

I have hit 80 kg this winter. That means that I have gained 15 kg in 5 years. That‘s almost 25% increase of body mass. It was finally time to do something about it.

I am — to be absolutely honest — not living the healthiest life: Lot‘s of big meals (I love eating and especially eating out), no sport whatsoever and a highly stressful desk job.

My dear mother has badgered me for years to start getting active and eating healthily but I have always put it off… until now.

This is my first real diet and I do hope it is a success because I fear I lack the willpower for any more attempts. I will do the Brigitte Diät — My mother‘s recommendation — and have been supplied with an original 1982 Brigitte Diät cook book that disintegrates at its seams. But that is somehow charming and its much-used looks give me the impression it‘s a good diet.

With the help of this book I will try to keep up a 1000-1200 kcal diet for 10 weeks starting today.

My very supportive and neither too big nor to thin boyfiend will join me in my trial but will eat double rations. Good. I would not want him thinner than me! (He actually already weighs 2 kg less than me at 8 cm more height…)

The first day of diet food consists of

  • 50g Müsli with milk (200kcal)
  • Banana Chicken Curry (400kcal)
  • Tomato-Pepper Bread (200kcal)
  • Apples and Oranges in between (100kcal)
  • Coffee with milk — a lot! (100kcal)

By the way: I was shocked to see how little Müsli made up 200 calories. O_O


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