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Hello everyone,

thanks for checking out my diet blog. I am afraid it has been moved, however. You can now find me at:

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14-01-2010 78.5kg

Posted in Week 1 on January 14, 2010 by dietpanda

This morning my weight was back to 78.5 kg. Maybe I should not weigh myself everyday to avoid confusion over these variations.

One of my new diet book has arrived today. It is called “Brigitte: Ideal Diät” and contains three two-week diet plans. One for so-called beginners (which means those who are lazy in the kitchen) one for vegetarians (called green diet) and one that focusses on a great food variety and many extra recipes. Additionally it contains lots of information on diets and nutrition and psychological factors, why diets can fail. I have only had a quick look but so far it looks good. I might write a more informed review once I have cooked some recipes from it and had a proper read.

This morning my boyfriend and I shared half a litre healthy living ready-soup with 400kcal in total. “Lentil and Bacon”. It was quite tasty, filling and quick and easy to prepare. At work we had a whole-meal bread sandwich with Quark and cooked ham and lots of oranges and apples.

Then, this evening, I cooked a recipe from the old Brigitte book: Baked Apples. It was absolutely scrumptuous!

Baked Apples (200kcal)

The apples were filled with one teaspoon of hacked hazelnuts, raisins and rum each and then baked for about an hour at 200°C covered with kitchen foil. Then they were served with a mixture of 3 teaspoons of creme fraiche per apple, sweetener and vanilla essence. It was heavenly!

13-01-2010 80kg WTF!?

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This morning I weighed myself and apparently I am back where I started. Strange. I guess some fluctuations in weight are normal. Bt this seems slightly crass…

Anyway, I had a nice breakfast with plums, a little muesli and low-fat yoghurt and took two buns with Quark and cooked ham with me to work. I later found out that one of these buns already contains 250 kcal! That meant that I could not allow myself any snacks today. It is hard to get used to all these calorie values. Foods that I always considered very healthy (like muesli for example) turn out to be quite calorie-y. I guess those two are not mutually exclusive but I always associated one with the other.

In the evening then we had a wonderful dinner from the Brigitte recipe book: Rice with egg and mushrooms. Mhh!

12.01.2010 78.5kg

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This morning my scales offered me a strange but not unwelcome surprise. I had lost another kilogram since yesterday (despite the chocolate). The means that in the two days I had been dieting I had reduced my BMI by 0.5! While I know that this pace won’t continue for long it is a great motivation.

Today we had to be in late at work. This meant that my boyfriend and I had time to prepare a cooked breakfast and lunchboxes for later. I was amazed to see how much breakfast I could have for 200kcal compared to my meager müsli breakfasts before. And so delicious!

Ham and Tomato Egg Breakfast (200kcal)

We fried some cooked ham in very little margarine (tastes almost like bacon) and added tomato slices. Then we mixed one egg (plus two for him) with some cut chives and poured it in the pan with the tomatos and the ham. When it was done we had it on one slice of seeded bread (and two – again – for him). Myum!

With us to work we to seeded bread sandwiches filled with wild rocket salad a selfmade “Paprikaquark” which is cottage cheese with salt and paprika and some pepper cubes.

To make up for all this cuisinal exertion we treated us to a microwaved “healthy living” Chicken Korma ready-meal with 395kcal each. In between again I had milk in my coffee and lots of fruits.

I am in an excellent mood right now and very happy with my diet. Apart from a slight hunger I feel much better eating healthy food. Only excercise I haven’t tried yet. I plan to do so on Thursday….

11.01.2010 79.5kg

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Ui, already 0.5 kg less on the scales this morning. I am sure however that I just lost some water or something. Anyway, I felt great. I had my sparse little breakfast (the tiny bowl of muesli with yoghurt this time) and prepared some honey buns for work. One for myself and two for the Liebling. I also took an apple and an orange for my little hungers inbetween.

These little hungers turned out to be not so very little after all. I really need to take some more calories-free food with me. Maybe celery-sticks. Yummy…

At work I kept thinking about eating and food and that is probably the reason why I ordered two new recipe books from amazon (Diet ones of course)

Then we went shopping at a large Sainsbury‘s which was great because they had all the strange requests my Brigitte book makes (like fresh chives and shiitake mushrooms). They even have Quark — a German cottage cheese and essential to many of the recipes — which, alas, is in Britain a rarity.

Dinner today was: Filled peppers. The sauce was great and the peppers were delicious but the filling was far to onion-y. Bah! Next time less of those or pre-cooking or something.

And lastly I allowed myself 1.5 pieces of marzipan-creme filled chocolate (50kcal) this evening. Mhhh! Delicious sin!

10.01.2010 80kg

Posted in Week 1 on January 13, 2010 by dietpanda

I have hit 80 kg this winter. That means that I have gained 15 kg in 5 years. That‘s almost 25% increase of body mass. It was finally time to do something about it.

I am — to be absolutely honest — not living the healthiest life: Lot‘s of big meals (I love eating and especially eating out), no sport whatsoever and a highly stressful desk job.

My dear mother has badgered me for years to start getting active and eating healthily but I have always put it off… until now.

This is my first real diet and I do hope it is a success because I fear I lack the willpower for any more attempts. I will do the Brigitte Diät — My mother‘s recommendation — and have been supplied with an original 1982 Brigitte Diät cook book that disintegrates at its seams. But that is somehow charming and its much-used looks give me the impression it‘s a good diet.

With the help of this book I will try to keep up a 1000-1200 kcal diet for 10 weeks starting today.

My very supportive and neither too big nor to thin boyfiend will join me in my trial but will eat double rations. Good. I would not want him thinner than me! (He actually already weighs 2 kg less than me at 8 cm more height…)

The first day of diet food consists of

  • 50g Müsli with milk (200kcal)
  • Banana Chicken Curry (400kcal)
  • Tomato-Pepper Bread (200kcal)
  • Apples and Oranges in between (100kcal)
  • Coffee with milk — a lot! (100kcal)

By the way: I was shocked to see how little Müsli made up 200 calories. O_O